torstai 2. elokuuta 2012

Progress on Pair of Sweethearts Part II

Oh mine... All the small x's have now been done! And what's left, lots and lots of backstitching to do. The backstitching is done on 3 different colors. The design looks already quite stunning so I can't wait what the result will be. But and this is a BIG BUT....all of you my cross stitching friends know what is my relation with backstitches!! And I do know that they are crucially important but still...

Little Miss Dog got herself a present. A brand new bunny, and I mean a brand bunny :D
The bunny is so dear that she even sleeps with it!

Tuurin tuliaisina saatu Pupu. Perin on laatutietoinen Neiti,
Pupussa kun on lätkä Pentik!

Some time ago I received a new phone as bday present. It was quite pretty (and I did choose it myself) but in my opinion lacked something. So I browsed the good old Ebay and Bang! Found the suitable gel cover for it. Now the phone looks more like me. That is PINK!!

Postikuluineen tulivat kuoret maksamaan noin 6euroa.
For those of you who are always looking for nice free designs, I thought I should share a site I found recently. There's not just boring links to the site but even pictures! So go check Kiwigetscrafty. But be warned: It might take some time to browse ALL the wonderful link she has.

Thank you all for the lovely comments you have left on my blog! I'm more than happy to receive them.
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Älä lannistu, tuossahan ollaan aina loppusuoralla, kun enää rajauksia puuttuu! Kyllä siitä tulee soma!!

  2. Nice stitching, lovely doggy and yessssssss a pink phone.
    I love it alllllllllllll

  3. Voi miten somalta neiti koira näyttää pupunsa kanssa :)

  4. Kivasti edistyy pistely ja ihana, ihana koira ja pupu :)


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