tiistai 26. maaliskuuta 2013

X's finished year 2013

I have managed to finish this year quite a few things thus I can't showcase all of them to you yet as they haven't been seen by the persons who are to receive them. But some I can.

 First Teresa Wentzler's freebie design Futurecast. I stitched this pretty little thing using some speciality threads and beads. This was stitched as a birthday present.

I participated in a spring exchange and stitched in it design that was originally by Tralala but I did alter the colours and didn't stitch the sampler border to it. I did finish it as a flatfold, I do enjoy doing them.

I managed to finish a long overdue WIP, well it was at UFO state at one point don't know why though since the design is pretty, well I guess there must have come a prettier design....
The pretty passionflower is designed by Diane Machin and the design can be found from 201 issue of Cross Stitcher. Fabric I used on it isn't at all your normal stitching material but the threads are countable and I loved the colour.

Early in January I managed to finish one of last year's bigger WIP's, Teatime by DMC

This lovely floral design is by Lucie Heaton and it can be found from The World of Cross Stitching issue 192. I finished in a lid of a box and gave as a birthday present to dear friend.

Lovely Newton had been on a UFO-state for far too long, until I heard of a Newton crazy CS friend, and so I stitched him and gave him to brighten up a friend's day!

This little Wee Hieland Coo was a heart-breaker. Still looking for loving home...

Inspiration box's design was a freebie from an Italian blog here, threads I used  for it are the hand dyed threads by Nina's. It really makes me happy every time I glance at it.


Last but not least, Miss Paris by C'mon Monde. Lovely fresh little piece, a bit too much black for my liking but very chic!

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  1. Wow! Great work. I haven't been half as productive this year.

    Would you happen to have the link to where you got the freebie piece? I really like it.

    1. Hi, Thank you! Well I haven't started all of them this year...
      I have added the link to the text. That blog is worthy of checking, she has lots of pretty freebies, simple but yet effective.

  2. Congrats on your finishes, you've done some lovely things!

  3. On se komea ketju pistelyitä :). Tuo lohis on tietty ihan paras! (Mulla muhii malli vieläkin tulostettuna odottamassa parempia aikoja...)


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