sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2012

Crazy January start and Wyler's testing

I decided to begin my Crazy January with Lanarte's Weekender : Dogs, which I received from Kirsi last week. Thank you Kirsi once again. <3

And not so long ago I received from dear friend Vilma in the USA some packages of Wyler's
Now I have done some experiments with them and here you can see the aida clothes dyed with Wyler's. And all the house smell now caramel like =)
For these have used "Electric Grape"(purple or brownish...), "Cherry Charger"(kind of reddish, hoped to be more pink) and "Berry Jammer" (lovely shades of blue and turqoise).
And pictures don't show the colors as vibrant as they are!! Thank you again Vilma!! <3

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  1. Beautiful stitching and lovely colorful materials..
    Have fun
    Cucki xx

  2. Onpa suloinen malli! Minulta tuo kankaanvärjäys on vielä jäänyt, en ole uskaltanut kokeilla...

  3. Ihanalla mallilla olet aloittanut! :)
    Ja kankaanvärjäyksesi on todella upeaa :D Taidankin katsella sopivia värjäyksiä omiin töihini... :D Kiitos innostuksesta!!

  4. Auts,miten kauniita ite värjättyjä kankaita olet tehnyt...hyvä,hyvä !!!

    Ihana malli ,kiva koira-potretti :)
    Onkohan tuo kolmas Shetlannin-lammaskoira kun on niin siron oloinen ??
    tai voihan se tietty olla Colliekin..?!

  5. Hauskanvärisiä kankaita olet saanut aikaan :)

  6. Ei oo totta! Joko olet aloittanut tuon :)

  7. Hi Sari,
    Your designs are looking good!!! Dogs are cute!!
    Wow... the hand dyed fabric looks so wonderful! I think the names of the colors are very funny! I am happy for you that you like the effect! What do you plan to stitch on them?!
    Hugs, love,

  8. Waaw Sari, I am very impressed with your fabrics. They turn out very beautiful. One of these days I will have to try again. (I need some time) I once gave dying a try, but all the colours turned out very dark.


  9. Ihania kankaita ja suloinen koirapakkaus! :)


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