lauantai 31. joulukuuta 2011

List of my Crazy January 2012 projects

This is my list of projects. The order may and will vary. Probably there will be things added on the list...

   1. Raise the Roof: Closet UFO's
   2. Stitchy Kitty: Woof Spoken here [SAL with Vilma and Maria]
   3. Stitchy Kitty: The Dog Did it!
   4. LHN: Chocolate Box
   5. Lizzie Kate: Dog Lessons for People
   6. Lizzie Kate: Dog Lovers
   7. Lizzie Kate: You Have Stolen My Heart
   8. Lizzie Kate: Spring ABC's
   9. Lizzie Kate: Hop Square
  10.Isabelle Vautier: Le Coeur Hardanger [thanks to Outi]
  11. Tournicotton: Roses De Mai [thanks to Maija]
  12. Joan Elliott: Blue Clock [design I got straight from Joan Elliott]
  13. Esther Curtis: Contemporary Cuckoo Clock (WOCS 181)
  14. Maria Diaz: Poppy (Cross Stitcher 204)
  15. Margaret Sherry design [SAL in yahoo group]
  16. Lesley Teare: Oriental Jewel (Cross Stitch Gold 41, WIP)
  17. Calico Crossroads: The Other White Meat (WIP)
  18. Diane Machin: Passion Flowers (Cross Stitcher 201, WIP)
  19. Lizzie Kate: Follow Your Heart
  20. Lizzie Kate: Miracles Happen
  21. Lizzie Kate: Eat Locally
  22. Lizzie Kate: Be Kind to Animals
  23. Lizzie Kate: Save Water
  24. Lizzie Kate: Plant Tree 
  25. Lizzie Kate: Keep Our Air Clean
  26. Lizzie Kate: Ride A Bike
  27. Lizzie Kate: Spring Cottage Boxer
  28. Kirsi's Design for the Crazy January group
  29. Mystery design from LHN
  30. Mystery
  31. Mystery
  32. Country Companions: Christmas Cuties (DMC Cross Stitch Favourites, special issue, WIP)
  33. Susan Bates: The Winter Rose, from Christmas Floral Trio ( WOCS, WIP)
  34. Dimensios Gold Collection: Rose Garden Cuttings [thanks to Maija]
  35. Thea Gouvernour: Poezie Duifjes/ Poetry Love Birds (WIP) [thanks to Maija]
  36. Lanarte, Weekender: Dogs  [thanks to Kirsi]

Eli siinä on tämän hetkinen hassustuslistani.

Happy Stichy New Year To All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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  1. Wow such lovely list..good luck
    Happy new year xx

  2. Ooh, siinäpä hassutuslistaa kerrakseen!
    Kiva, että hardangerkin on pääsemässä heti käyttöön :).
    Mukavia pistelyitä ja ihanaa uutta vuotta!


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