maanantai 18. huhtikuuta 2011

Stitching patchwork and some crocheting

I started a new stitching project yesterday evening. Bad bad me!! Still have cupboards full of UFO's. ;) I found a beautiful design from Las Labores de Ana #149, or I've had it in my mind for some time already and thought it would be a nice midway project as it has quite few backstitches.

During the weekend I tried some crocheting. Wanted to do a jacket from blocks for myself but it seems the yarn is far too thick for the purpose.  It is Red Heart Eco-Cotton blend from Coats, 100g = 156m and I was using 3,5 hook.

For some reason I've been feeling quite tired lately, oh well, there's a lot going around with myself and with some people close to me... Here is a pic that is showing up my feelings! :) Chick is a bit tired!!
The China Teapot Tray in the background is a Maria Diaz design and it was in Cross Stitch Gold #57.

In my last posting I showed up a recent finish Of The Oriental Lady. The design is by Lesley Teare and it was in World of Cross Stitching. It can also be found in her book Travel the World in Cross Stitch.

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  1. Kiitos kommentista. Hyvä huomata, että on muitakin väsyneitä. Eiköhän se aurinko vielä joskus paista risukasaankin :)


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