perjantai 15. huhtikuuta 2011


I finally got my MSCSG April SAL finished. Didn't want to wait anymore ( me impatient??) for the buttons to arrive since I found out that I had suitable millefiori glass beads that were oval = egg shaped!! I also made the design as my very first flatfold. Bought sometime ago kind of old-fashioned easter themed fabric and other that suited for this work.


Yesterday evening I also got finally finished one of my longtime WIPs the other of two Geishas. As I'm not at home  right now won't state the designer or where I got the design from. I'll add that info later. If I remember correct it is from Cross Stitch Gold and its either Joan Elliott or Lesley Teare design. I don't know why I hate so muck backstitches and they usually make my WIPs to UFOs....

This weekend I'll be doing some knitting and crocheting. And will forget stitching for few days! :)

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  1. thanks for your visit and coment...
    your projects are wonderfull
    and also is your blog

  2. Upea flatfold,ja geisha-työ vetää sanattomaksi!!
    Olet kyllä tiatava!!

    Veikkaisin että Geisha on Lesley Tearen suunnittelema..


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