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Gingerbreadman decorating the tree

Oh yay me!!
Finally managed to finish one of the decorations I've been working long time on. Would have never guessed that stitching on perforated paper is so difficult. Well in fact the stitching itself wasn't difficult but the needle kept dropping, *sighs*. So it was rather time consuming. And I have yet another ornie to finish as well..
Instead of using perforated paper on backing as well as instructed I used metal paper to add a bit of shine.

The ornament is Gingerbread Friend from An Elf Babies Collection by Brooke's Books, stitched on perforated paper, using recommended DMC threads and the beads that came with the kit.
Oh, it differs from the original with missing the hat which i didn't like :D

Taustalla aito 70-luvun vihreä keittiökaapiston ovi.
Ei mitään "retroa"!!
In recent copy of The World of Cross Stitching there came a freebie gift from a new, well not a new since they have all sorts of things in paper crafting, designer. I just had to stitch the little cutie!
I stitched it on patterned shiny linen by Dovestitches. so the blue things you can see on the fabric are not stains but snowflakes or stars. I used the yarns recommended on the design except for metallics I used Anchor's silver metal thread and the silver French knots I substituted with DMC metallic beads, color 647.
As a finishing I attached it on a pillow cover that I made for this purpose. With the help of a friend the finishing was left to be a bit of rustic and the fraying of fabric is seen.

Tyynyn taustakangas on kangasta jota viime vuonna tilasin
joulun aikoihin Jotexilta.
Design: Decorating the Tree
by: Lili of the Valley
(compliment gift at WOCS 2012)
Stitched on patterned opalescent linen

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  1. Both of those pieces are very cute. Well done!

  2. Suloisia tosiaan molemmat :). Jesh, meidän äiteellä on kans tuommoinen aito 70-luvun vihreä keittiönkaapisto :D. (Isä olis aikoinaan tehnyt puunvärisen keittiön, mutta äite halus välttämättä vihreäksi maalatun; ja sitähän sitten on katseltu 42 v. Ja keittiön seinät on lämpimän keltaiset, että kyllä väriä piisaa. Vaan kukapa olis uskonut, että sekin tuli sit muotiin taas, retro - en kyllä olis uskonut leveitä lahkeitakaan, tai paksuja kengänpohjia, tai napapaitoja, ja haisaappaita! Mutta kaikkia on jo nähty moneen kertaan :D.)

  3. Love your little gingerbread man on perforated paper, he's so cute!


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