perjantai 28. syyskuuta 2012

Baby minding - Petite Maman

Autumn has really hit us over here in Finland, rain after rain.
Well what could be a better stitching weather, only thing is that the cold and damp makes my poor shoulder and neck also more stiff and more painful but hey that's what painkillers are for.

I finally managed to actually even finish one of my crazies, yay me!!!
It is a DMC kit going by the name of Baby Minding - Petite Maman from the All Our Yesterdays- series.
I believe I got this kit from my dear friend Lumiruusu

Here the finished piece is pictured as appropriate with my teddies as the little lady has in her pram her prides and joys, her beloved teddies.

My boys are called Lobo (the white), Tomi (the brown) and Boy. 

Last weekend I knitted two pairs of handwarmers for a dear friend. Unfortunately I have only one pic of them, hopefully can soon get some better pictures of them. Both are knitted with nro3 bamboo with Novita Seitsemän Veljestä yarn.

My modest stash has been growing a bit lately since I found few nice places especially from FB to buy things from my stitching friends. All these, and few more, I have bought within past 2 months.

Hey, if any of you have patterns of The Sunflower Seed, Primitive Traditions or Homespun Elegance that they don't require any more, please contact me privately?? =)

Have a great weekend!! ...and if not in hurry please do leave a comment, they are so lovely =)

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  1. Lovely finish :D Congratulations :) and what a lovely stash you have acquired :D

  2. wowwwwwwww very sweet finish and lovely stash.. i love Primitive Traditions or Homespun Elegance charts so much..but at the moment i dont have any..i wish i can get them..lucky you..
    happy stitching xx

  3. Kyllä tulikin nätti tuosta OAY-kitistä ,kehykset sopivat työhön ihan täydellisesti ! :)
    AAAH--mitä ihania Nalleja Sinulla on !

    Ihania ostoksia olet tehnyt..mitähän kaunista pisteletkään seuraavaksi !

  4. Dear Sari
    Love your bears and your stitching


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