sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2011

Hyvää Äitienpäivää / Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I stitched this year few cards for Mother's day. Here I'll show you now two of them. They are both stitched by me and the cards have been made by me. The pink Flower is  DMC free model for the Breast Cancer campaign, I modified it a bit, and the other is a design from Cross Stitcher few years back.

This one goes for Dear bf's Mum

Dear bf's grandma

Bolero I Knitted for Dear bf's grandma

I Hope everyone is having a delicious Mother's Day!!
I know we shall have with this Princess Cake....

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  1. Ihanaia kortteja ja mikä kakku!! Hyvää äitienpäivää!

  2. Kauniita kortteja! Piti vähän enemmänkin kuikuilla täällä :)

  3. Pinkkejä kortteja ja pinkki-kakku ,ihanaa !!! :)

    Mummon bolerosta tuli tosi kaunis,samoin kukka-kello on ihan huippuhieno projekti.
    On se vaan kiva kun löysin blogisi!

  4. Sari, your knitting is exquisite! The shawl is just beautiful. I wish I could say the same for my knitting. I never quite made it much past my knitting class with a winter scarf and mittens.

    The cards are elegant. The time you spend on cards make them a treasure!

    The princess cake looks like a wedding cake from which I had a piece. Heavenly.... I think they called the frosting fondant? It was delicious but not nearly as pretty as your vibrant pink one.


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